Thursday, February 10, 2011

Common Things....

So.. today Ryan told me that he is on the list to be sent out again in April..
Which means he will be home for a month
Which means he will be sort of bummed
Which means he will miss my birthday again

It was sweet because he genuinely seemed sad about missing my birthday <3
I love that guy.

Damn though... it really sucks.
I knew he wanted to get sent out as much as possible this year,
and that we have it better than others who endure 360 day deployments and so on.

And I know that I should be used to not having him with me on days like that..
Hmm... He is trying to be home for his cousin's wedding and his mom's birthday though.
I hope that happens for him and his family's sake. 

Valentine's day is approaching, and I don't mean to be bitter but I would really love to be able
to fast forward on through that. haha
This year, all of my favorite people have plans with their loved ones.
Not that I'm all that romantic, but it would still just be nice to watch a movie with him on the couch and
grab some dinner. 

Instead... I will be doing homework and probably order a pizza for one haha
Normally, I don't mind being alone.. but Monday? 
I'm going to go ahead and file Monday under "suck."

Thinking about the future helps though :]
Providing things are still going smoothly, in a year I may be on my way to no longer being a California resident :]


haha Yes, I have finally allowed myself to begin the countdown.
I should be getting my tax return some time next week as well (which is a very lovely sum!), so that means I can spoil him a little when I am up there.
(I love spoiling him >.< ....... I'm going to spoil MY wardrobe a little too haha ;D)

I've also decided that the entire time I am with him, I am going to take 4735746765247656234134135 pictures of him and I. haha
I realized that I don't have much because I always forgot to bring my camera!

Have to head out to job number two now!
bye all!<3


  1. I wish we lived in the same city so we could say "fuck our diets" and "fuck long distance" and "fuck valentines day" together, sit on a couch, watch sappy romantic comedies, while getting intoxicated off of kahula and ice cream.

    that's what I wish.

  2. Total bummer for him being on the list to go out again :(
    But yay for the countdown!

  3. Please take lots of pictures! You and your guy are so cute :) I'm sorry he won't be with you on your birthday :( I definitely know what that feels like.

    Maybe you guys could have a video chat date for V-day? That's what the boy and I did last year. I wish you two the best!