Monday, February 7, 2011


Alright.. I've been doing really well with my diet... that is.. until last week haha
This past week I went out and ate what I want and did what I wanted.
(EXCEPT.... for my Steelers' loss :( DAMN YOU ROETHLISBERGER!!!!!!! </3 Because of him I owe my friend dinner. FAIL) 
Sooo... ultimately I don't regret it...
But time to get my butt back in gear (: 
A lot of people have been saying that I look thinner.. but people lie haha

As for Ryan... A little over 3 weeks left until I can fall asleep and wake up
to my air man(: I can't wait! I almost don't want to look at the calendar! 
He keeps talking about things that he wants to do when I get up there, which makes me 
so happy because I know he misses me and is as anxious as I am. 

Lately he has been talking about moving in together a lot as well, so I have been on cloud nine with that >.< 

Other than that, school is going really well and I guess work is alright too.
My car did have a meltdown today though -______-
My dad said it should be fine, but that the part will take 2-5 days to be delivered..
Which leaves me to drive around a giant Saturn Outlook in the mean time. 

That is all for now! 
Time for some homework and a little work out session before bed!

Favorite thing for the day?
The poem, "I Carry Your Heart with Me," by E. E. Cummings.
It is one of my favorites.
I'm debating on turning it into a tattoo(:


  1. Haha! I was thinking the SAME thing about the tattoo, then I read that you wanted to do it! I love it!

    Oh, don't be to guilty about the dieting. I have done the same thing this past week because we were snowed in for four days! I was going crazy, I ate and ate, then ate some more! I stepped on the scale to see how much I have gained over two weeks and it was nothing! I weighed the same two weeks ago! Now I better get to working out before I do gain! lol

    That is awesome about just having 3 weeks till you see him, I have just about that time till mine leaves.

  2. I have been following a while, I guess I have just never commented. I am really bad about commenting but I try to read and stay caught up!
    Yes, I am a nursing student and it drives me crazy! haha
    Hubby is about to leave for a year long deployment, it is our second one but this deployment we are married so the legal issues are crazy!
    I just love that poem, I am going to have to save it!
    Thanks for stopping by my page!
    Oh you might think my dogs are cute, but you would def change your mind after dog sitting for a few hours! I just got home to find trash all over my house! They tipped it over and had a party! Guess thats what I get for not putting it out of reach like I normally do...sigh. Darn dogs!

  3. That is one of my favorite poems as well. I sent it to the husband when he was deployed and I found it tucked in his stuff when he came home :)
    That would be awesome to use in a tattoo!

  4. BAHAHAHA haters be hatin on me like WHOA! It's been that way since I got married, and divorced and almost every wife in Mr.AB's squadron decided they hate me, but no big.. I'm just that fabulous! But seriously, I love that poem and I also love how excited you are about the airman man coming home and moving in. I am equally excited that Mr.AB get's back this weekend and we get to live together for like 3 months before he deploys!!

    Have a good night :)