Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi Michel!
Haha So this morning miss Michel yelled at me via comment to get back to blogging, so I thought I'd give a quick little update :]


Hopefully that is.... Something broke or whatever, and he is most likely going to be delayed a couple of days. He CLAIMS that he will be back Friday morning the 4th (I land in Spokane at 8:30 pm). He did say that there is a chance that he won't be back until that Saturday though.. (:/ I really really hope that is not the case) and that if it does pan out like that then I can stay with his pilot's wife or get a hotel.... Not quite sure what I will do about that yet...

Either way, I can't wait to kiss his face and hold his hand and.... :X hahaha
I have just missed that man so much :] 

Now.. I haven't been posting because I have been so damn busy! School and work and coaching take up all of my time, and I AM ALWAYS SO DAMN TIRED.

That will change after finals are over though I assure you :] 
Hope everyone is doing well! :D 


  1. :( Spokane?! I'm in Tacoma! I hope he's back soon, and your business subsides for a bit!

  2. Girl if that happens you BETTER come stay with me. I am all alone and have a huge house to share.. : ) also I love the shout out. : )

  3. Hope he gets back when he's supposed to. Your bunny is such a cutie.