Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 4th through 15th

It came and it went... It always goes by so fast, but I do everything I can to hold on to it...
I'll see him in July.. which truthfully isn't THAT long.... but it is TOO long to be away from 
the man that I love...
Here are some pictures of our time spent together :]
I dropped him off at the airport a couple of hours ago...
I miss him already.
I love you babe. 
You make me happier than I've been by far

Asleep on my couch with a Tinkerbell blanket ;]

Playing backgammon with my Grandma?!
Waiting to catch our flight to California together<3

Trying to jump start his shitty jeep ;]
Going to the Spokane mall!
He bought me this back in Kyrgyzstan :] 
Playing wii with his best friend Jose :]
Attractive face babe? ;]

Pro wii golfer!
Lou! His and his mom's chubby beagle :]
Ryan's little cousin Aubrey.. She liked me >.<
Squished on his tiny twin bed in Washington!
Sushi with Ryan and Caleb! haha
Look at the love in their eyes... Kelsey and I are concerned ;]
Love me some Spokane ;]

I promised him I wouldn't cry when I dropped him off this morning...
and I didn't!
When I walked through the front door of my house though..
I lost it :'( 
haha but shhhh don't tell him that ;)
He is set to deploy again back to Manas on May 3rd, but he is trying to 
leave in April.
This means that the new countdown is set for July 18thish :]

Can't wait<3


  1. awe! yall are so cute together! It seems like you did enjoy your time together when he was on leave! July will be here soon before you know it girl! :)

  2. hii becca face. i went through the sadness yesterday- today i'm feeling a bit numb. i love you and i'm always here to chat if you want!

  3. Just want to have really pretty hair. I looked at the pictures and kept thinking that. July will be here soon!

  4. Ah, looks like he came during some of the decent weather! Where did you guys get sushi at? I've been looking for a place in WA forever.5 :) I hope you guys can get some time in together before July, impromptu trips are always fun.