Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Day Spring Challenge :]

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Yes, I am taking part in this :] 
I think it will be a great way to get me back into the blogging scene.
Finals are done, and my love is gone again :/ 

Amazingly though... it never gets any easier.. saying goodbye to him.
I have gotten stronger though.
I have learned to focus on the positive.
When I am with him, that is all that matters. 
That he is there with me.
At that very second.
At that very moment.
I have mastered the art of holding on to his touch.
Memorized every facial expression.
And I can replay the sound of his voice over and over in my head.
I no longer dread the day that he has to leave again, because
I know that is inevitable.
Instead I focus on the day when we no longer have to say goodbye for 5 months at a time.
I graduate at the end of the year, and Ryan is currently in the running for the ability to 
rank up to senior airman early :] (I'M SO PROUD OF HIM! :D)
........... 2012 is the year :]
I am now more convinced than ever..
WE make sense<3

Ryan is currently on alert for the Japan humanitarian effort, so we will see how all of that pans out. I know if he goes out there that I will barely speak to him.... I don't want to be selfish, because I know the need over there is quite excessive...
I just wish he was safe in Washington.. 
He said that he could possibly be over there for about a  month, and then
he would return for his deployment back to K land scheduled for the first week of May.
Dear Air Force.. you are shaving years off of my life I hope you know ;]

Day 1

A picture of you and something you like about yourself

I love my drive.
If I REALLY want something, I'll get it ;]
My ambition makes me who I am, and it has helped me get
to where I am today...
Happy :]

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