Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream Wedding

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Day 7 – Tell us about your wedding or dream wedding.

WHOA MAN... Weddings... Marriage.. WHOA.... I suppose I think about it from time to time.... What it would be like.. who I would want as the "husband" figure in my life ;] ...
But to be honest.. my man and I are so young... I am not feeling a need to change our status just yet. I think we will know when we are ready when the time comes... as for now though.. I'm ok with being a girlfriend... Doesn't change the level of love and devotion one bit.

That being said...
I want a simple wedding ;] aha
I don't need anything huge and extravagant.
I would like it to be towards the evening...
I would only want close love ones there... People who love and support my marriage decision :]

I want a strapless dress! :D simple... sort of like my prom dress.. but white >.<
As for everything else.. I haven't really thought of the details..
besides.. I would want my future groom to have some input as well :]

I don't know.. I'm not too much of a girly girl when it comes to this I suppose.

I just want the right man standing next to me :]

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  1. When the time comes, I hope it's everything you want it to be! I wasn't concerned with details, although it made planning a bit difficult for my mom and sister because I liked everything. :)As long as it's the right man, everything else doesn't matter!