Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remember me?

Hey there! 
Sorry I have been so M.I.A. lately! I have just been so busy with the holidays and what not. My family throws a big New Years party every year, and we have been going crazy with cleaning the house to get it all ready for the 40+ Mexicans that will be spending the night in a few days ;D I hope everyones' Christmas was lovely! Mine was! I talked to Ryan on Skype for hours (which was all I wanted from him for Christmas)! It was amazing! He had a flight, on Christmas, so I felt bad that he didn't get to experience the traditions this year. I know he was a bit homesick :/ I gave him his gifts before he left for deployment, but I still wish he could have had something to open on the 25th. Christmas morning, I talked to Ryan for a little bit and then headed over to his dad's house for breakfast. That was actually REALLY nice.

I was slightly worried, because I am not as close with his father as I am with his mother. I had a great time though! I bought them toys for their fantastic dogs, Earl and Stella, and a cute jar of chocolate truffles :D They gave three sets of adorable pajamas, and his stepmom made me the cutest blanket! I should take a picture of it to show you guys, but I'm too tired to get up and turn the light on >.< After I came home, I went to my grandma's house and talked to Ryan for a few  more hours before he had to go to sleep. The next morning, I was all set to go out to breakfast with Ryan's mom! I talked to Ryan while I was getting ready, and then Cindy came and picked me up around 10am. She is the only woman who can get me to drink at 10 in the morning! Orange juice with champagne! YUM<3333 After a very nice breakfast, Cindy (who bought me Despicable Me on DVD! And LOVED her Airbear! :D) dropped me off at my house around noon.... and what did I find when I turned the corner towards my room?!? 
My lovely boyfriend had my sister saran wrap my gifts to my door -_- hahahaha I love that weirdo! He bought me my Steelers jersey, and two adorable Obey shirts! Sadly, I had just bought one of those shirts myself! So he said I could trade it in for a pair of boots >.<
I told him not to get me anything! 

I love my Airman(: Things between Ryan and I have been so great. He contacts me as often as he can, and it is more than I ever dreamed of! I am worried though, because he might get sent to the deid due to bad weather at the current base he is at :( Not all of the dorms there have internet, and the ones that do have completely crappy connections! He said that the worst possible case is that we won't get to talk for the remainder of his deployment!!!!! He is only supposed to be there for a week, but the weather isn't showing any signs of changing :( No contact for 2 months?!!?!!!!! That is like basic all over again, except this time NO LETTERS. I am willing the weather to change so we can keep on with these lovely Skype chats (:

He better shave off that baby mustache before he comes home! ;D

On to something more positive though, mine and Ryan's anniversary is coming up on Tuesday the 4th :D I might not be able to talk to him though :( BUT! Because he wasn't sure if we would be able to talk (because he might have diverted by then) he decided to tell me what my gift was :D When he goes back to Washington at the end of his deployment, he is going to fly me up there to spend a few days with him, and then the two of us are going to fly back to California together for his week long leave :D!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! He told me to just be ready to fly by the 1st of March ;D I honestly cannot wait. He wouldn't let me show him what I bought him for our anniversary and his birthday though! That brat ;D I guess that just means I get to continue adding to his box then ;D I love spoiling my man. 

Well, that is all for now! I'll do my best to update when I get breaks in between these cleaning crazes! Be safe everyone!

I love you baby


  1. ok. ryan needs to teach caleb a thing or two. seriously. considering they hang out so much i'm surprised he hasn't learned anything!!! thats so nice you guys have gotten to skype so much.. I've barely had any contact :( and christmas pressies?? geez!! lucky bum.

  2. You guys are absolutely adorable! :)

  3. I'm glad it seems like you had a good Christmas~ and that you got to skype a bunch with your man :) Happy New Years!

  4. Haha so I am cracking up at the mustache comment. I told C that he better not grow one of those nasty things while he's gone. I can't stand that. They look so nasty lol Glad you had a good Christmas! & I will be praying the weather gets better too!!

  5. Yay you had a good Christmas :) Glad you got to talk to your guy.

  6. I love that saran wrap on the door. Really random.

    I wish the internet worked enough for me to have a skype convo. I forgot what my fiance's face looked like. Totally kidding. I talk to him enough. Anyway, hope you get to enjoy more of those skype convos!

  7. haha thanks everyone! I hope your holidays were fun and safe!!!! :D and Melanie! your page won't let me comment on it :X it takes me to a random other site!

    ad Erin, I made him shave it off yesterday :D haha We made a bet ;D Not that he can't pull it off... I'm just not a mustache type of girl lol