Monday, January 17, 2011

Diet update!

I have been doing pretty well! I haven't been as strict as I would like, but..... My jeans aren't as snug and my stomach is sore pretty much every night from crunches. I take that as a good thing though! It's a good sore(: Sundays are my free days, so I eat what I want... but not too much because I feel guilty so easily.

Well anyway.. I was feeling GREAT, until today. Ryan's mom posted a picture of Ryan and I before he left to Washington the first time and OH MY GOSH... I have lost almost 10 lbs since that picture was taken, and given the photo was taken when I was sitting at an awkward angle...... BUT I LOOK TERRIBLE. And there is Ryan sitting next to me looking all handsome and fit. Needless to say, I can't get that image out of my head. I am even MORE determined to lose weight now, and I plan on making my diet a bit more strict. I don't want that.. I want Ryan to be proud to call me his, just like I am proud to call him mine. I am not terribly overweight. I'm 5'5", size 9 jeans, and usually wear medium or large tops depending on the style... But I know I could serve to drop about 15 lbs. Maybe even more. Ergh. I don't think I should take anymore Sundays off.

I have a little over 40 days left to continue with my progress, I hope Ryan likes what he sees(:
I hope everyone is doing well!

My younger sister and I! She is so pretty and fit -___-

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  1. I am sure he is proud to call you his, even if you don't lose 15 pounds, but good luck~ if it will make you feel better it's a good goal. Just don't beat yourself up about it :)