Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Sunday

SUNDAY! My ONLY day off! It has been glorious thus far. I talked to Ryan for 2 and a half hours on Skype last night, slept in until noon, and now I am all showered and comfy in my Steelers jersey.

Later on today a bunch of us are going to play monopoly at my house (yes... we really are nerds), but we spice it up a little bit. We are going out and buying a bunch of goodies and prizes and what not, so if you land on certain things or pull certain cards you win a prize.... alcohol and candy obviously haha (Sundays are my free days when it comes to my diet! Which I have been doing really well with by the way)  If I remember, I will post pictures later on.

For now, here is a cute little graphic I found.
This is quite literally how Ryan and I sleep haha(:

We just need to color the hair on the guy red,
and change the girl's shirt to a football jersesy because
I would never wear pink ;D
Have a love Sunday everyone!

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  1. Haha your way of Monopoly sounds fun. I think I would actually play that way! What a funny diagram. My husband and I don't sleep all crazy.