Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ryan has been switched to the dayline, meaning he is now asleep while I am awake.
Which in turn means that we hardly get to speak anymore.
Which results in me feeling like this ---------> :(
In a way though, it is better for him. Now his sleep schedule won't be so messed  up,
and he will get the chance to take part in more activities.
He has been complaining about how slow his days are, so this should help.

Looks like I will have to make do with a 5 minute facebook chat whenever I can get one.
On a more positive note, I sent two care packages already.
The first was intended to be a little something for our one year and his birthday (the 4th, and the 12th).
He hasn't received that one yet, but it should be there by next week. 
Caleb better not keep it! ;D

Here is a picture of the contents of said box!
  • One blanket
  • A shitload of fruit roll ups ;D
  • One bag of Peachie-O's
  • One T-shirt that he has been wanting
  • 6 bags of cookies and crackers
  • Two pairs of boxer briefs (funny story, for some reason Ryan calls me a squirrel..... jerk.... so I told him that he is my chipmunk........ AND we also constantly discuss the origin of the platypus species.... we're weird I know... and I found a pair of briefs with ALL THREE animals on them at Urban Outfitters! Weird right? aha)
  • One $15 itunes gift card (so he can download games on his ipod)
  • Two cards<3 (One for our anniversary, one for his birthday)
I really hope he enjoys this box, and I can't wait for it to get there!
Moving on, today I sent out his Valentine's Day box! Now I know that Valentine's Day is a total female holiday, and that guys don't really care about it, but if he were here we would at least be going out to dinner or something! Plus, I miss him like crazy, and this makes me feel useful >.<
This box was a little more difficult to put together, mainly because it is hard to buy for my guy without it being too cheesy, so there are mostly his favorite edibles involved, but I managed to put a cute little touch on it.
  • Box # 1: The inside joke box! Contains one Where's Waldo doll, 4 ninja figurines, 1 jar of silly putty, and 2 rubber ducks (Once again.... we're WEIRD)
  • Box # 2: Poker box! My man LOVES poker! So I bought him chocolate poker chips, and a Valentine's Day deck of cards
  • Box # 3: Fortune cookies! I stuffed this box with 6 chocolate covered fortune cookies with dirty fortunes inside! haha ;D
  • Box # 4: Heart cakes! I don't know if you know what I am talking about, but around all holidays... grocery stores and whatnot sell appropriate shaped cream filled cakes. Ryan LOVES THEM. So I stuffed 4 in his box (: They will probably be his favorite part of the entire box)
  • Box # 5: Pop tart box! Ryan is obsessed with pop tarts. We are talking OBSESSED. And lucky for me they released 100 calorie packs of V day strawberry pop tarts! So cute! 
  • Box # 6: The last box is just filled with his favorite Reeses candies, and a bunch of heart shaped fruit snacks :D
  • Finally, I bought him a little heart shaped gum dispenser! Lame, but so cute
  • And then... his card. On the front it says "Valentine...." and has a picture of a stethoscope shaped like a heart (which I thought was appropriate since I am going into the medical field) and on the inside it says "Wanna play doctor?" ;D haha love it
He should get the box before the 14th, and I am really excited! 
Only 6 more weeks before he comes home!

Oh! Favorite thing for the day?
My Betta fish! 
His name is Sirius Black. haha


  1. awe. you spoiled him! how cute , you filled those boxes to the brim girlie! love it! i know he'll love it all :) card sounds adorable too!!
    have a good evening! thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way!!! xx

  2. Awesome packages. I love the little inside jokes box. And I think it is beyond amazing that you named your betta Sirius Black :)